Expert knowledge combined with profound data analysis

How it works

It’s time for a
smarter approach

1.Takes existing product data

Neocom builds a conversation based on your product catalog.

2.Applies Expert knowledge

Your product data is made more meaningful by adding semantic enrichment.

3.Creates conversational UI

Your customers can see and experience a conversation which is extremely easy to use.


Human made & machine operated product guidance

Neocom is just the beginning of a whole new way of online shopping. Take some time and discover the technology leading product on the market. 

Data Connection
Unique Conversations

Expert Knowledge 

Smart Ranking
Playbook Categories

Data connection

All you have to do is plugin your google product feed

By providing the store product feed Neocom automatically scans the data set, collects all required information and maps them to our expert knowledge playbook data to create the perfect taylormade conversation.

Expert knowledge Enrichment

Human made & machine operated product guidance

The Neocom real-time conversation is human made but fully machine powered. That means that we take the best of both worlds to deliver a smart yet humanly intelligible conversation. It feels like interacting with an expert, by exactly knowing what to ask when.

Unique Conversations

Neocom creates unique conversations

Neocom generates unique question flows and asks questions smartly based on the previous choices of the user. The algorithm also eliminates invalid questions from the flow. Hence every conversation is unique to a user and gives a better customer experience.

Smart Ranking

Understand the results in a new light

At the end of the conversation, Neocoms AI creates an a comparative summary of the features that the top 3 products offer. This helps the user to know exactly what makes one product better for him than the other, which empowers the user in decision making.


Flexible integration options with Neocom

Easily embed your Neocom conversation guide in your website. We support various integration options such as iFrames, modals or full screen pages.


Explore a variety of playbooks

Neocom offers a wide range of data enriched playbooks which provide expert information to the customer to assist in the decision making for a purchase.

Transform leads into customers